APPatheia is an independent mobile game studio dedicated to developing the best games for mobile devices. Created by two marketing executives who saw an opportunity to tie together the complex intricacies of gaming, monetization, and user acquisition with the well-researched and studied gaming mechanics that create gaming success, APPatheia is an entity built to be a commercial success in an unpredictable environment.

After seeing strong success with advergames for clients, APPatheia grew from an interest to a reality once the founders saw that a game developed with a purpose to serve a specific audience can generate great success. Picking from a large selection of game ideas, the founders went about proving their hypothesis by building a game meant to generate traction, this culminated in the first release of Drinking GameZ, a game that moved all the way to #3 in the mobile sports category behind EA's NFL game and the NFL's game, and as high as #69 overall. This success spurned the next evolution which is currently under development in the form of Orbulous. Orbulous is a game being developed for both traction and monetization. In order to achieve these goals, Orbulous is focused on the highly lucrative match 3 puzzle category. Orbulous will be the foundation of a growing and ambitious game empire built to challenge the status quo in an attempt to reign in some control over the unpredictable and volatile mobile game world. Games built with a purpose, backed by research and testing, and released to targeted audiences, will form the strategy of success for APPatheia's future and become the backbone of a long line of successful game releases to come.


Kelly Maguire


Todd Juneau

Designer & Writer

Josh Johnson


Alex Hardesty

Sam Franco


Travis Vasquez


Cato Johnson

Sound & Music

Kojo Kumah

Johnnie Otis

Software Engineer

Miguel Torres

Team Lead

Brent Miller


Belinda Beech


Gwen Valentine

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