The land of Orbulous is ripe with magical essence, the blood of the planet as it were, flowing within the ground, through the tree limbs, soaring with the wind, and pulsing along with every flame flicker. That essence vitalizes the land, maintaining its life force, keeping it lush and beautiful. 

     A select few can tap into that magical essence and manifest it into powerful spell orbs. Those who obtain this ability are charged with guarding and defending the land from any threat. These chosen are trained by the very land itself within visions, learning to master and use the power of the orbs to devastating effect.  

     Now, an ancient evil known as the Mar has appeared and is spreading like a wicked fog over the land, corrupting and warping anything unable to escape its suffocating grasp. The Marring deforms those caught into horrific monstrosities, a blending of corrupted land and twisted creature, setting them loose to create chaos in their wake. 

     Will the Mar devour the world, or will the mages be able to push back and eradicate the Marring in time? The lands only hope now is the Orbulyte Mages. It’s up to them to drive back the Mar, reclaim the land, and restore order and balance to the people. 

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