What is Orbulous?

Orbulous is a revolutionary new spin on the match 3 puzzle genre. Unlike traditional bubble shooters or grid based cascade variations, Orbulous is a dynamic and action packed game where the player takes control of the board itself. The player utilizes the board in order to collect and match fast moving orbs to obtain the match 3 events required to win.

Who and what is Orbulous built for?

Orbulous is being built to serve as the next step in the mobile match 3 puzzle game genre. Focused on delivering a casual fun experience for slightly more seasoned players looking for a stronger challenge on their mobile devices. Orbulous will offer its addicting game play across all Android and iOS phones as well as tablets. With a rich story and unique art style, Orbulous appeals to males, females, young, and old as a welcome distraction in a busy world.

How much will Orbulous cost?

Orbulous is a free to play mobile game with a primary monetization system built upon IAP and advertising. In order to offer the most robust experience with the simplest entry, Orbulous will allow more dedicated players to enhance their experience through in-app purchases that will aid them through their journey. For players who may want to dedicate their time rather than money, there will be a well balanced advertising system that allows them to experience the game every bit as well as paying players by taking advantage of rewarded ad content that assists them through their game experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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